Monday, October 25, 2010

November-a little early

Hello Fresh Comfort 2!

I am excited to finally be getting to my month! I would like the blocks to be a string block. Here is a link to a great online tutorial. One thing that I have discovered as I have started making these blocks is to do a quick backstitch at the beginning and ending of each strip-this helps to keep it from pulling apart when you take of the backing paper. I used an old phone book for the foundation, but any light weight paper will work.

The width of each strip can be varied and feel free to put as many or as few strips on each side of the center as you like. I just want the center strip to be the kona snow and to start out as 1 inch. I would like the size of the blocks sent back to me to be 8.5 inches square. Please feel free to add any additional fabrics to these blocks that you would like. I am not worried about having modern fabrics/vintage linens or brighter/softer fabrics mixed together.

I sent the packages in the mail today, I am a little early so I thought I would go ahead and get them off. I am in no hurry, this quilt is kind of a long-term project for me :)

If you feel the desire, I have sent enough fabric to do 2-3 blocks. This is going to be a bed quilt for my king sized bed so I can use all the help I can get!

Thanks so much!!!


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