Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Introductions from Maine

Greetings swappers & quilters,

I am Margaret and I am one of Katie's "almost" neighbors. I live 15 minutes from her (and lived a mere 3 blocks from her for many years!). It is a small world indeed. I have lived in Maine since 1996, but really prefer the warmer climates. Having spent 15+ years living in the South and a few years in northern California for graduate school, I wonder what ever possessed me to move here!! Now in the real throws of winter, I like to sew whenever possible. When the flowers appear again, the need to sew wanes (but only a little!).

I am a mechanical engineer, and I teach part-time at a local college. It keeps me working within my trained profession, and pays for my love of all things woven!! This fall, I bought a longarm quilting machine, and am also doing this professionally. My internet clientelle has been so wonderful and influential in getting this business started. The longarm quilting is a wonderful obsession, although it is definitely tugging at my time for and love of piecing quilts. That is where joining 2 quilting Bees is going to help...

I have three kids, ages 3-5-7, and a supportive husband. They never ask what is in boxes or bags - they all know the answers: either quilts or fabric. Someday I hope to show my daughter how to sew to pass on the tradition.

So, my month is February. I am shocked & delighted. I had no idea I'd go first so I have not done too much to think about what I would love to see for blocks. I can share, however, some fabrics I have been gathering. I am a huge fan of Michael Miller's Fairy Frosts, so there are 4-5 different ones of those. I also have a nice sampling of Mendocino prints. I think I prefer this quilt to be in the aqua and brown shades, with only accents of orange, but I will formalize this when I send material.
To help me decide on type and size of block, could each swapper tell me (either via comment or direct email) if they'd be game to do 2 blocks versus just 1. If you commit to make me 2, then I will do the same for you on your month. I just think that 12 blocks makes such a small quilt, and that means that I have to make SO many more blocks myself :-)... Once I hear back from you all, I will choose some details for my month.



  1. I would love to make 2 blocks, I agree that 12 is a small quilt!

  2. Count me in for two blocks......your quilting is awesome!!

  3. i am totally up for 2 blocks go for it!

  4. Hi Margaret, count me in for 2 blocks!

  5. Hi Margaret! I'm OK with two blocks as long as they aren't super complicated(I'm novice at this quilting thing)! :)

    Great choice of fabrics...LOVE them!

  6. I'd be glad to do two blocks

  7. I'm happy to do two blocks as well.