Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting to Know Me, Emily (AKA Mle BB)

Hello everybody! My name is Emily and I am a 22 year old student with a serious fabric addiction. I get my paycheck and many yards will this buy? Japanese, bundle or not? Anyway, back to the normal stuff. I am a senior at a small liberal arts college in the Chicagoland area, and I am majoring in Art Education (K-12) with a concentration in printmaking. I am lucky enough to have a senior studio at my school (picture below).

My work in printmaking spans most mediums including etching, wood and linoleum blocks, xerox transfer monoprinting and even silk screening. I love to visit the galleries in the city and have a student membership at the Art Institute of Chicago.
When I am not at school, I spend a lot of time with my family, I have many cousins and they have a lot of babies that need babysitting (and quilts!)! I love playing with the kids and am now used to being called everything from "Mewmlee" to my second cousin's description of me as an "adult kid".
I learned to sew a bit from my aunt and grandmother but mostly I have used the trial and error method and taught myself with help from the online community (believe me there were errors!). I have recently gotten back into quilting and look to the online quilting community as my main guidance in everything from improvisational piecing to how to baste a quilt. I am very excited to be in this, my second, bee and August is going to be a busy month for me as that is my month for the other quilting bee (Bee Crazy) I am in too (I was lucky to be assigned to a non school month in both, thanks to the organizers of both bees). I am interested in modern quilting and tend towards wonky type blocks because of the improvisation and fun involved in the making.

When I went to NYC this summer with my father I was able to walk from our lodging to Purl and Purl Patchwork where I rediscovered knitting, which my Auntie Marlene had taught me years ago with acrylic yarns and metal needles. I was excited to see the natural fibers and wooden knitting needles at Purl and immediately started in on a scarf for myself and have continued to make one for my mother, father and aunt. Needless to say, almost all of the food money my mother gave me was used on buying fibers, both yarn and fabric, and I got really used to eating fast food once to twice a day on a steep budget.
I have loved reading each of your posts about yourselves and cannot wait to make blocks for you all!


  1. Hi Emily! My sister and her husband moved to the Chicago area several months ago to attend Wheaton. I have no idea about the Chicago area suburbs, so you may be clear on the other side of the city. And if you are, nevermind. ;) But thought I'd ask...are there any good quilt/fabric shops in the area? Maybe some that offer classes? My sister has recently begun to dabble in sewing/quilting and other than a JoAnn fabrics in (maybe)Naperville, she hasn't come across any. And even if she doesn't make it in, when I visit, I'm gonna want to check out the shops!!! Thanks a bunch! Kellie

  2. I haven't been to many shops in this area, i did try out the needle shop (small selection but very nice and they offer classes) and i've heard that quiltology is great(they also have classes). I find that it is easier and cheaper for me to buy online, although i do love to visit a good fabric shop (and i mostly use Joann for notions and interfacing+ batting needs). on the ning network for the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild they have discussed many more shops, here is a link:
    i hope this helps your sister and you find some great shops in the area!