Friday, January 22, 2010

teal & brown wonky log cabin blocks for margaret

Two blocks for Margaret. It was a challenge to lay everything out according to the plan, but I feel like I accomplished what she was looking for. I hope they turned out the way she hoped, and they should be in the mail sometime next week.


  1. long as they are 14.5", they look fantastic!

  2. I am so impressed with the blocks that Liz did. I am going to do mine this weekend so I don't worry about not getting them in on time. By the way, when are the blocks due? I've been thinking about my blocks a lot (May) and I want to make sure that they match everyone's experiences as quilters. Since almost no one could have less experience than I do I figured that if I can do it, everyone can, which means that they may be too easy for some people but you can't have too much practice. I am very interested in seeing what people do.