Monday, March 1, 2010

Block For March: Ticker Tape!

I will sending out a couple of 8.5" squares of grey background and enough scraps to really cover both plus a little extra. Make one, make both... I'm easy.
I hope to put together these little "tiles", so please leave a half inch around so I can sew them together.
Feel free to trim and reshape the scraps to fit the space you need. Want to make a flower? Feel free.
Please try and fill as much of the interior as possible.
Please secure your start and stop stitches.
Yep, it really is as easy as pinning or glue sticking your scrap down and sewing around it.

This is supposed to be fun, fussy cut, use your own scraps, do whatever you want...or think I will like...
Please no batiks...

Ticker tape pool at flickr is HERE. have a look for more inspiration if you want.

thanks! Rachel


  1. Cool! This will be really fun! Can't wait to see your fabric. I love the ones in the photo.

  2. Fun! I've been wanting to do a quilt like this. Glad we get to help make on for you. :)

  3. Oh, this is going to be so fun!

  4. I absolutely love this idea! I've been drooling over that flickr pool and of course, now I want one for myself!