Sunday, March 14, 2010

For Rachel

Dear Rachel-
Had a great time today playing with your idea. Like you, I adore the gray foundation. The first block I made is on the left.......always seem to approach these kinds of things with some trepidation.....but before long I thought I could conquer the Ticker Tape world. If you hadn't heard, I have been living under a rock and was not at all up to speed on my Munki fabric.......I thought that crazy women of the modern quilting world were cutting up their $94 pajamas to make quilts......silly of the kind bee peeps from my other virtual group gave up the goods when she told me that the coveted PJ's sold for much less at the Maxx. Irregardless (is that really a word?) I couldn't cut up the Munki fabric you provided.
So you see, by the time I got to the second block, I had great courage. I thought I would work a bit on point and with some irregular shapes.
Thanks for letting me play with you today.
Shelly xo

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