Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blocks for Ruth & June Blocks on the Way

Here are Ruth's blocks. They'll need squaring up...I only trimmed off the rough stuff. These were really fun to make and I can definitely see a quilt like this in my future!

I've also mailed out the June packages to you(all but one that I missed and will send out Tues.) The instructions are in with the packages and on Flickr.

I have decided to go ahead w/the two different blocks. Some of you will be making 12.5" Strippy Circles and some of you will be making Wonky Log Cabins in various sizes. I'll be adding white to the log cabins to size them up to 12.5 later. Expect to see lots of weird and random scraps as they are mostly apron leftovers. I hope you'll enjoy making what I've sent!

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