Sunday, May 2, 2010

May blocks

Hi ladies! I'm sending out my fabric and instructions tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the mailbox! Here are the instructions (which are also in our Flickr discussion and in your envelopes):

For this month, I’d like you all to make improv log cabin style blocks based on Denyse Schmidt’s classic quilt, “Drunk Love in a Log Cabin.” You can view the original quilt in the previous post. A number of other quilting bees have made blocks inspired by this design so I’ve posted an inspiration mosaic in our Flickr group and our blog.

I’m using a rainbow of colors and have six different color schemes. The design for this is pretty open – please use the original Denyse Schmidt blocks to inspire you but don’t feel the need to replicate them exactly. Please make two blocks, ranging from 9.5” to 12.5” (though if you don’t want to square them up, I’d be happy to do so once I receive them). You may use coordinating prints from your own stash – small prints only please, and keeping with the appropriate color scheme of the fabrics that you receive. This is meant to be fun and individualized – I’m looking forward to having a piece of you all in my quilt!

Feel free to keep any scraps or send them back – it’s up to you.

Inspiration mosaic from Flickr:

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  1. OK, Ruth, you and I must be on the same wavelength. :) My month is June and I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with an idea for my quilt so that I can start gathering and/or buying fabrics. TODAY I stumbled on a flickr set using this type of block and thought THAT'S IT!! Maybe great minds really do think alike! LOL!