Friday, December 24, 2010

December Fabric

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone. Am I the worst bee leader or what?! My fabric for December is now officially 24 days late. You are all so sweet to not harass me about it. I'm hoping that you were all so busy crafting for Christmas that you're relieved to not have any additional work to do.

I already have 2 sets of completed blocks from my other two bees, so I'm perfectly happy to skip my month. I would actually be very relieved to not have a whole other, new set staring me in the face and making me feel guilty.

What do you guys think? Are you okay with that?

Anita, I haven't forgotten about you. I'm doing your blocks as soon as we get back from our Christmas trip.

Enjoy your holidays, everyone.



  1. if you are sure that you would not like us to make you blocks then I am ok with your decision.

  2. Me too, though I'm still happy to make your blocks should you change your mind.

  3. I would be willing to extend the group into February if you want us to do your blocks then.