Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Blocks

January is my month and I have been thinking about what I would really like. I went to my stash and stared for a while. (I like to do this a lot) What I realized is that I have a large I spy square collection. This collection should really be shared with the children in my life. I also have a solid fatquarter bundle that i really don't have a project for until now. And so January's bee block is born....
The I Spy Square in a Square.

I hope you all have fun making these blocks. I hope I can get the quilt put together to be able to use this summer.

Thank you all this has been a wonderful year.


  1. Great - looking forward to it!

  2. sounds fun! What size do you want? And are you sending the fabrics to us?>

  3. Yup! Fabric will be in the mail on Monday! The block will be 12.5 inches and 12 inches finished.